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Site FAQ’s:

How do I login to an account I have already created?

To login to an account that has already been created to view saved listings, searches and update your profile information click Login in the upper right hand corner. Use the email you originally created the account with.

How do I create a new account to save listings and searches for later?

To create a new account click Login in the upper right-hand corner. Next to New Users enter your information and click Sign Up. Please make sure to enter the most current email and phone number so you can receive timely alerts regarding your searches.

How do I save a listing to look at later?

Once you have found a house you want to look at or compare with others click on Save to Favorites. You will be prompted to create an account or login. Once you do that you will be able to come back and look at them when you want. The listing will show updates as they happen so you always know the current status.

If I have already logged in to my account how do I get back to my favorited listings?

Once you have already logged in and you want to go back to your favorites after adding more from the search using the home page map or the search function click on Login again. This will take you to your favorites and saved searches.

How do I return to the homepage map to search?

To return to the homepage click the Whitney Group logo in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

How do I find out what my current home might be worth?

To get an estimated home valuation click on the Home Valuation button at the bottom of the home and selling pages. Please keep in mind these are estimations and it is recommended to consult with an agent from the Whitney Group regarding your estimates.